Is tech the saviour to manual labour?

From the light bulb to the telephone, to television and then the internet, robotics, automation, smart phones, apps for every conceivable task or purpose, social media, the list goes on and on. Constantly improving, changing, adapting, developing, innovating and delivering some truly groundbreaking services and products; but why?

Basically, the human race is lazy and greedy; but not in a bad way. . I Promise, let me explain.

First off, we’re not lazy, we just don’t like doing tasks that are boring or tedious or things that take a prolonged period of time with the only exception being hobbies. For example take something we consider as basic as the TV remote. The first TV, invented in 1927 by Philo Taylor Farnsworth was then followed up in 1950 by the TV Remote literally named “lazy bones” to, again, alleviate the laborious task of standing up, walking over to the TV and switching over the channel. Since then we’ve invented, re-invented and optimised almost every task to lessen physical output and make ourselves “lazier”

Since then, truly incredible applications and software developments have been produced to solve several objectives or challenges at once through the click of a button to again, alleviate laborious tasks. I decided over the weekend to don the apron and cook my better half a culinary extravaganza from scratch. As we know, cast your mind back 10-15 years and you’ll find every have-a-go chef venture outdoors, purchase a cook book, return home, scan through to find the perfect recipe, create a shopping list, venture back out to the shops and purchase ingredients to home and cook. Fast forward 10-15 years and i spot a mean looking curry via a mobile shopping application. I decide that’s the perfect meal to which the application automatically populates my basket with every single ingredient needed and at the click of a button, all of my ingredients are in the van and on its’ way to me without even lifting a leg.

These advancements are not only extremely time and labour efficient to the customer but also extremely cost and time efficient to the companies. For example in the case of our supermarket, 10-15 years ago to produce the cooking book it would have required a publisher, printer and copywriter for the book, to deliver the service the customer required would need a store assistant, shelf stacker and a delivery driver whereas now, we find ourselves with a fully digitalized method of delivering educational content via websites and applications such as Audible and Amazon and the supermarket only requires a picker and delivery driver which saves a huge amount of time and cost for the supermarket.

These developments are being applied to all sectors such as construction, professional services, hospitality and so on to save time, cost and reduce overheads. This, in turn ensures companies remain the most efficient and competitive in terms of cost to the customer and the efficiency and quality of its’ service.

so, in short, we are lazy and greedy but in the best way possible . As humans we are lazy with laborious tasks because we want to be more greedy doing the things we love. Businesses have to be to stay ahead of the market and their competitors; bottom line improved, better customer service, better processes and better costs for its’ customers are at the forefront of their business plans and implementation of technologies achieves all of that.

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